The Essentials

Everyone has a top list. So does The University of Southern Mississippi Chi Alpha Student Leaders. Below are what we consider to be the top things every F.A.T. Student Leader should disciple into a little brother or sister in the faith. We must teach them to L.I.V.E.

IMPORTANT: If faced with the question, “How do I help them apply the truths in this one on one?”, Stanford XA campus pastor Glen Davis has come up with this very helpful chart from 2 Tim. 3:16 that I have learned to use as much as I can.


Belief Behavior
Positive Teaching: Is there something I should believe based on this passage? Training in Righteousness: Is there a habit I should cultivate based on this passage?
Negative Correcting: Is there a belief I should abandon based on this passage? Rebuking: Is there a behavior I should stop or change based on this passage?


What is the Gospel? *Do this one first*

Assurance of Salvation

The Wheel

What is Sin/6-8-10 Principle

Overcoming Temptation

How to Pray/Study the Bible

Priorities of a College Student

Evangelism Explosion

Holy Spirit: His Presence

Holy Spirit: His Work

Baptism in the Holy Spirit