Questions About God

• What impresses you most about Jesus Christ?
• What event in the life of Christ means the most to you?
• Inwhatways does the creation inspire you?
• When did God become real to you?
• Who helped you most in your understanding of God?
• When youwere a child (or a young teen)what impressed you most about God?
• Of all the things you know about the nature or character of God, what means most to you personally?

• When do you feel closest to God?
• What one question above all others do you want God to answer?
• If God is real to you,what gives you that certainty?
• What do you mostwant God to do foryou? What do you mostwant to do for God?
• What do you find hardest to believe about God?
• Of all the teachings of Jesus Christ,what has come to be most significant in your life?
• Howdo you endeavor to show your gratitude to God?
• What is the most vivid experience of prayeryou have had?
• What certainty do you have thatyou matterto God?