Mel Ming

Affirmations can be powerful when they are genuine. However, some of us have a hard time expressing ourselves in this manner. FEAR NO MORE!

You really out did yourself today I appreciate your concern
This is a good job Keep up the good work
This is complete. You haven’t missed a thing! That’s quite an improvement
Thank you Wow!
I’m proud of the way you worked today I can really tell you’re thinking
You’re working like you’re getting paid! Thanks for doing this project for me.
That’s coming along real well That really shows effort on your part
You are really going to town You like that, don’tyou?
Not bad! I can see that you are really concerned
I appreciate your insight Thanks, gang! Let’s share what we have
Good for you That’s a powerful thought!
Marvelous! I appreciate your sincerity
Super! Good
Excellent Beautiful
Thank you for your contribution That’s really nice
I really appreciate ____________! (be specific) Thank you very much
I appreciate your spirit I appreciate the way you’re working
O.K Much better
Can you expand on that idea for me? It’s a pleasure to helpwhen youwork like this
Thanks for the effort It looks like you put a lot of work into this
You really care, don’tyou? Very creative
That’s great! Nowyou’ve figured it out Where did you get so much info on that topic?
That’s an interesting way of looking at it I’m very proud of the way you participated
That’s a very good observation Excellent work
That’s the way to do it! I appreciate your help
That kind ofwork makes my day! Thanks for being here on time/ or praying for…
That kind of behavior makes me happy! That looks like it’s going to be a great report
Good thinking You’re on the right track now
Sensational! That’s a good point
Great! Thank you forraising your hand, Charles. What is it?
Now you have it That’s clever
Perfect. That’s it Very interesting
Fantastic Exactly right
Good going! That’s an interesting point of view