1 on 1 Questions

One on One Questions
Sarah Herman Malcolm

*Also check out the resource “Asking Good Questions”*
Questions to ask your mentoree
• How is your relationship with God? (What are you learning about His character, studying, hearing during prayer, seeing in His creation, etc.)

• How are your relationships with others? (Are there pockets of disunity, dishonesty, manipulation, hurt, anger, betrayal, joy, new love, celebration, etc.)

• How is your small group going? (Worship, teaching, sharing, playtime, discipling, etc.)

What affirming things are happening in your life? What are you celebrating?

• What worries do you have? Is anything keeping you up at night?

Questions to ask yourself as a mentor
• Am I consistently praying for this person?

• Am I making this individual feel like a project or a person?

• Am I being sensitive and patient as they grow?

• Is there any area in this person’s life where they need confrontation?

• Am I controlling or assisting in this person’s growth and life?

• Did my advice or instruction parallel Biblical truths?