Christian Writings

  1. Old Christian Articles: Those who have stood the test of time. Personal Recommendations: FW Boreham, AW Tozer, William Law, Leonard Ravenhill, G.Campbell Morgan, D. Martin-Lloyd Jones.
  2. Ravi Zacharias | Outside of Jesus, this man has had the greatest impact on Tony’s faith. Here is an archive of every article he has written since 1992! Get ready to have your mind, as well as your heart, challenged.
  3. Brother Lawrence | His classic Christian work, Practice of the Presence of God, details how to gain that constant and comforting connection to God. Readers have treasured this short and easy book for centuries because of Lawrence’s honest advice and his obvious passion for spiritual matters. He rejoiced in everyday tasks, prayed constantly, and was known around the monastery for his kindness and willingness to help others.
  4. Winkie Pratney | HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! This guy will stir your heart for revival and holiness in extremely practical ways. He is also a discipleship genius and his teachings can be easily passed down to a little brother or sister in the Lord. All of the “Discipleship Training Tracts” are great as well as the “Character and Nature of God”(under Resources for Leaders).