Summer Slump

23 Jun

summer slump

We may all be able to relate to the girl in this picture, so done with life that we just flop over a chair and lay there. Why do we get there? Two big reasons are lack of time with God, and lack of time with community. Life can seem mundane without quality time with God and our community. Even enough to make us look ridiculous and flop over a chair. Now don’t stay on the chair, but get up and do something! For me, sometimes I need to walk in nature and pray. It helps me connect to God because I am in awe of his creation. I know that may not be your thing maybe you need to turn on some worship music, or read your Bible, or write down a list of things God has done for you. A combination of all these things could really benefit your soul, drawing you nearer to Jesus. But maybe you just can’t motivate yourself to do any of those things. That’s where community comes in to save the day! We should be calling, texting, and/or video chatting weekly with the community we are a part of. God can, and likes to use people to help one another. So if you feel like you are in a summer slump give God some quality time and let him energize you. Also you should call those friends of yours. And if you’re reading this thinking I have no one to call then you should definitely connect with us via text, call or social media. We would love to get to know you!